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Timing is Everything with Microblading

Microblading is a procedure that can yield absolutely beautiful results. The shapes and solidity of the brows is something that just about every client of ours leaves more than pleased about. With that being said, there is definitely a time frame where the eyebrows are a bit sensitive, red, and tender. Though it’s not terribly noticeable nor extremely painful, you do want to take care to plan your microblading sessions at times where they won’t interfere with life events or other appointments.

Whether you’re new to microblading or you’re still trying to figure out the perfect schedule for your eyebrows, you’re going to want to read today’s blog! We are going to go over a few tips that can help you time out your microblading appointments so that they don’t interfere with the rest of your life. Let’s get started.


When you’re having your eyebrows done, it can be easy to want to schedule a facial in the same period since you’re already giving attention to a focal part of your face. Even though it feels like a great idea, it’s the complete opposite. We suggest postponing your facials for a full two-week period before and after microblading so as to avoid sensitivity of the skin on your face. If you want to make sure that you’ve exfoliated your skin prior to the microblading process, get that appointment schedule a couple of weeks in advance so that your skin isn’t flared up when you come in for your microblading appointment.

Hair Coloring

If you plan on dying your hair, it’s good to do so before your microblading procedure. Professional hair coloring treatments will last for about as long as your microblading shading will. With that being said, we will be able to match the coloring of your hair to provide you with a more natural look. If you wait till after, you may not have as true of a color match as you would have liked.


There is absolutely no need to hold off on tanning before or after a microblading appointment. The one thing that we do recommend is giving us some idea of what your natural skin tone is so that we are able to provide you with a color that will look good on you even if/when the tan fades. At the end of the day, we want nothing more than to help you feel your best, and by having your natural skin color we can deliver a color that looks great on you through and through.

Peels & Laser Treatments

As painful as it may be to postpone your peels or laser treatments, this is an absolute must when you’ve got a microblading appointment. These treatments leave your skin extremely sensitive, so the last thing that you want to do is overdo it by layer treatments on top of treatments. The suggested time to wait is four weeks before and after your microblading procedure for both of these treatments.

While it may be difficult to work around scheduling for all of these treatments, your skin will be thankful that you didn’t do them all at once. Given that you’re only going to need microblading appointments every couple of months (six months for the average individual) you can start to plan around your appointment date in advance so that you’re able to account for each individual treatment.

Schedule Your Next Appointment

Now that you have a better idea of when to schedule your microblading sessions (and when not to), it’s time to book your next appointment. iBrows Studio in Saco is dedicated to providing our clients with the beautiful brows that they’re looking for. Reach out to us today and we would be more than happy to answer any questions, tackle your concerns, and get your appointment on the books.

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