I can't say how happy I am to have eyebrows. Inna did an amazing job. I am getting ready for my touch up. So glad to not have to pencil my eyebrows in. Happy beyond words.


Life changer ! To not have to wake up and do the eye brow routine, to be able to go swimming and still have eyebrows when I get out (😬). Inna is a perfectionist. I’m beyond happy with my choice to go to her as I knew I would be after reading all the fabulous reviews . Thank you so much! I will forever be grateful. I even walked out liking a new style of music haha. 🥰. Great experience


So beyond happy with my brows. Inna was warm, meticulous, and professional. My brows are beyond natural and I didn't know they could look this good! My eyebrows were very sparse after over threading. They never grew back and I spent 10-15 minutes every morning filling them in. Now my new brows are a game changer for me as a busy Mom! So worth it, I wish I did it sooner!! The process was very easy and it didn’t hurt at all. I can’t recommend Inna and Ibrows Studio enough!! Love, love love!!!


Inna is amazing!! I was super hesitant to get my eyebrows done and after careful research I decided to make the 2 hr trip to Ibrows studio in Saco and I could not be happier. Not only she is an absolute profesional but also her work is impeccable, symmetric and beautiful. It used to take me 45minutes to 1hour to draw my eyebrows in and now I wake up and have to do absolutely nothing to them!! I 100% recommend Inna at Ibrows Studio! Inna you have brought happiness back to my life!!! A million times thank you!!


I am in LOVE with my eyebrows! Inna took the time to create the brows I wanted, so I won’t need to fill them in anymore!


Lola is AMAZING! She is the sweetest provider I have ever met and is so gentle with her technique. She checked multiple times throughout my appointments to make sure I wasn’t feeling any pain which I appreciate because many practices don’t do this enough. Lola is beaming with happiness when she greets her clients and you can tell how much she loves her job! My results after my first visit were great. My eyebrows retained the pigment well and looked fantastic! I just had my first touch-up after 6weeks and am looking forward to the final result. Thank you Lola, I’m in love with them! 😘


I could not be happier with my microblading results. I have had thin brows since I was a teenager. This has been such a confidence booster for me! The team at ibrows studio was professional, friendly, and reassuring.


Inna and Madison are truly talented ladies. This experience was better than I figured it would be. I’ve always been so insecure about my sparse brows because I could never fill them in correctly nor make them symmetrical, it’s always been a hassle in my morning routine. This procedure is worth it and I’d highly recommended iBrows studios.


Inna is an absolute perfectionist!!! I’m obsessed with my new brows!!! I’ve had so many compliments and they look so natural! I’m one of those “extra picky” type of women and I’m beyond impressed with Inna’s talent! Painless and instant results....great combo! I highly recommend iBrows Studio!❤️ Beautiful results · Amazing results · Professional make-up artist · Experienced skin care professionals


Inna is absolutely amazing.. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.. I was extremely nervous! She made me and my friend feel comfortable, told me each step, made sure I was aware of everything she was doing while checking on me along the way.. my brows came out absolutely perfect and I couldn’t be happier! I recommend her as #1 for microblading! She is flawless with her work and nobody else could have done it better 


After so long using makeup to draw in my eyebrows and spending honestly too much time drawing them in, I looked to getting my brows microbladed. I am so thankful I found Inna, and decided to make an appointment. She is a wonderful person, incredibly talented and creates a welcoming and relaxed environment when you go! 
She completely transformed how my brows naturally look, and has saved me so much time to get ready in the morning. I am so happy with the results, anyone who I’ve told about getting my brows done, have forgotten I even did because they look so natural! I highly recommend seeing Inna, and have been recommending her to my own friends and family who have considered getting their brows microbladed. I can’t thank her enough for the amazing transformation!


I had been thinking about getting my eyebrows microbladed for a few years before finally making my appointment with iBrows studio. I live in the seacoast NH area and never found a permanent makeup artist that seemed like they were really experts in the field. During my search I saw a lot of studios with vague information, no pictures, and no pricing. Finally I stumbled on iBrows studio through a google search and was immediately impressed by the informative website, reviews, and the portfolio! I quickly went to the Instagram page and probably spent hours scrolling through Inna's pictures and videos. Every. Single. One. was perfect. I reached out to make my appointment and did have to wait about two months until she could fit me in. Inna books up quickly, so you can expect to wait at least a month, but it is definitely worth the wait! The studio is cozy, clean, and everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Inna and her assistant made me feel comfortable every step of the way, and even though I was literally getting a TATTOO ON MY FACE I knew I was in good hands. I am so, so happy with the results. My eyebrows grow in asymmetrically and patchy in spots. I was so self-conscious about them and they were the thing I hated the most about my face. Seriously, I've hidden them with bangs half my life and I used to have to pencil them in every single day, but thanks to my microblading procedure my brows are now the easiest part of my beauty routine. If I am wearing a lot of heavy makeup I still sometimes take a pencil to them to make them more dramatic, but on the day to day basis they are perfect, I just have to keep up with tweezing them. You might be able to find someone cheaper, but you are going to get what you pay for. Seriously I can't put a price on waking up every day with perfect brows. I'm so happy with my decision and highly recommend iBrows studio! Can't wait to go back for my touch up next year!


Inna is amazing! I was extremely nervous about how my brows would turn out but they are absolutely perfect, Inna did a wonderful job! She talks you through each step of the process and makes sure you are completely informed of aftercare. She found the perfect color and shape for me and is so talented at the work she does! The studio is very clean but also warm and welcoming, plus Inna's bright personality makes for a wonderful experience at iBrows. I would recommend to anyone! Thanks Inna!! 💙


She’s just simply amazing! If you want awesome results that shock you, she is your girl! She’s so welcoming and very genuine! I feel so comfortable coming to her every time I need my touch ups done! She’s the best around!


Inna is SO talented and professional. She gave me the most beautiful, flawless brows and I can't recommend her highly enough! Microblading is something I thought long and hard about and am incredibly glad that I did it. There is nothing like not having to worry about drawing on brows and to automatically look so put together all day every day without any effort. She knew exactly what I wanted as far as shape and color and they couldn't be any more perfect! 


If you’re thinking about microblading, iBrows Studio is the place to go! Inna does an AMAZING job and I’m so happy with the results. Literally in love with my new brows!!


I would recommend Ibrows Studio in a heartbeat!! Inna is simply amazing! Her work is incredible!! I tell her every time Ive been doing my own makeup for years...that never have I ever painted my eyebrows this great...EVER!!! I’m hooked and plan on doing permanent eyeliner with her too! Inna you make my morning makeup ritual easier!! Much love to this successful young lady and her Ibrows Studio team!! Do not hesitate your brows will be amazing


From start to finish Inna was great! I did a ton of research before scheduling my appointment. I was a bit nervous and apprehensive, but I made the right choice - no doubt about it! Inna is so nice and welcoming, she listened to all my concerns, her space was absolutely beautiful and she was extremely professional. I am beyond happy with my new brows. I would highly recommend Inna!


Microblading is a big decision, but if you’re even considering having it done, Inna is the best. She is meticulous, professional and a delight to work with. She is very responsive, ensures you are informed and is clear and straightforward with what to expect, how to prepare and how to take care of your brows after. The whole experience is a pleasure, absolutely no pain and the studio is like being in a spa. I’m very happy with my results and so glad I had Inna do my brows. Incredible how much of a difference it makes while still being subtle. Thank you, Inna! Your work is master-class level and I’ll be back faithfully for my touch ups! 


Love my brows she did an amazing job and now I don’t even need to put makeup on my brows , super nice and just makes you feel comfortable during the process


I'm obsessed! Inna did an amazing job! I had them done before years ago, which turned out to be more of a fail. I hesitated to try again and I'm so pumped that I did! She fixed my brows right up! Thanks SO much!


From my first online inquiry to my latest touch up, Inna has been amazing. She is professional and kind in a way that makes you feel completely comfortable leaving your brows in her hands! She clearly takes her work very seriously and is undoubtedly the best in the business. I would recommend her to anyone who has to spend any more than two minutes a day on their eyebrows--you won't need to even give them a second thought after Inna gets to them. If you are even thinking about microblading, give her a call!


Inna is simply the best at what she does. After seeing her work on a friend of mine, I couldn't wait to have her work her magic on me. I am absolutely thrilled with my brows! Not only is Inna talented, she's also an amazing person inside and out.


I cannot say enough how amazing Inna is!! I’ve always been insecure about my eyebrows and was nervous about semi-permanent makeup. But Inna is so precise and detail oriented that my brows could not have turned out better! She was also extremely patient and responded quickly with my before and aftercare questions. If I could give her more stars I would!


Inna is simply amazing! I have been wanting to get my eyebrows microbladed for a while now, and have researched and followed a few artists work. Inna’s work has always been my favorite. And when I met her at my first appointment, she was an absolute delight. 
She is dedicated to her practice, and her studio is beautiful. 

Only mistake, is on my part, and I should have gone to Inna sooner. 
I highly recommend Inna!


I love love love my eyebrows,Inna was amazing. My brows were thin,sparse and very straight with no shape. Inna filled them in and gave them a beautiful shape. Didn't have to say much she just did her magic and now I no longer hate my brows. Thank you Inna.


I’m beyond thrilled that I found Inna. I had been researching the microblading process for over a year and I’m so happy I took my time and didn’t rush into it or I would’ve probably not been as happy and chosen the wrong person. Inna not only is an extremely talented artist she also is a former dental hygienist so it was obvious to me she had a far superior skill set than anyone else which made me feel 100% confident I made the right choice. Also, as soon as I walked into Inna’s studio I knew I was in the right place based on her incredible kind spirit and personality and loved the fact that she genuinely strived to make the entire experience off the charts!! Inna strives for perfection and it’s obvious as my eyebrows are gorgeous and look beautiful. I had horrible-looking eyebrows prior to microblading that took me a good 10 minutes to fill in every morning and didn’t look natural which bothered me quite a bit. Thanks to Inna I can now wake up every morning with natural looking, amazing eyebrows and I’m couldn’t be happier.

-Mary Ann


She did an excellent job! She is fantastic at her work, highly recommend. My brows are the exact shape and style I wanted, and look very natural.



Inna is the best. I love my eyebrows! I didn't have a single tattoo on me until I got my eyebrows done and that says a lot! I trusted Inna and she gave me beautiful eyebrows. I've searched and wanted to get my eyebrows done out of state and luckily I found her and she's in Maine. She is very dedicated, very professional and you could tell that she loves what she does. Thanks Inna!



I could not say enough wonderful things about my experience with Inna. I’ve been using stencils and filling in my eyebrows for years. It was easy to book an appointment, I was very well informed of what to expect, I was welcomed to a quiet, clean, and comfortable space, and Inna was more than I expected. Inna is personable, thoughtful, knowledgeable, talented, and genuinely cares about her clients. She’s a beautiful girl in and out. She answered all my questions and checked in with me shortly after the first appt. I would recommend getting your brows done with Inna a thousand times over. I’m so happy I finally did it and will go back to Inna for any touch ups I need



Inna is simply amazing! I researched, at length, various people in Maine that perform microblading. There is nobody better than Inna with a more perfected and professional technique. Her studio is clean and beautiful, her personality is fun and caring, and her work is second to none. I am so happy that I finally underwent this process of microblading - I’ve never felt more confidence in my eyebrows! Thank you, Inna!



Honestly, I'm speechless. Inna is amazing. Just had my brows done today and it was worth every cent. From the classy and exceptionally clean studio to how sweet, professional and beautiful Inna is (inside and out), you WILL NOT be disappointed. What a wonderful experience...I have eyebrows again after 40 years!  hugs!!



Inna is incredibly talented!! She is very personable and professional, and her office is sanitary and welcoming. My brows were fainted blue from a prior permanent pigment/tattoo job and she worked some serious magic!! In my opinion, Inna stands in an elite crowd of highly talented microblading artists! Thanks Inna!! Love them. Super grateful.


Inna gave me my eyebrows back! And they are beautiful. In less than a month, I had lost all my body hair from an autoimmune disorder (Alopecia Universalis) - and losing my eyebrows was the worst of it all. My face became completely unfamiliar – it was psychologically challenging and personally pretty emotional. Inna was able to recreate them, better than they were before – with no residual brows to guide her lines. She is professional, talented, kind, her space is clean + bright, and she clearly cares about the quality of her work. Making the “iBrows Studio” appointment was the best thing I’ve done to get my confidence back and to start feeling like myself again. Seriously, I had no real idea about what to expect - and left crying w/ happiness that I can finally move on, with great eyebrows and a face I recognize. I’d recommend her to anyone. Thank you, Inna!


Inna is fabulous and very gifted. Chemotherapy left me with permanent hair loss, and my eye brows needed help! I spent hours researching and looking at pictures, finally choosing Inna. I am so very pleased with my choice. From the minute I walked in her confidence and demeanor won me over. The shape and color she picked were both perfect! I have received so many compliments on “how fabulous my eye brows look”. Worth every penny.


Hands down some of the best money I’ve spent, and well worth the 2 hour drive. Inna is professional, well educated, very comforting, and above all, a very talented artist. I knew before I walked into her studio, that I was going to leave happy. I just didn’t realize how happy! Inna loves what she does, and it really shows in her work. For people who really need it, this is a life changer. My favorite part is waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror, and thinking, “Wow. I look like hell... But these brows are ON POINT!”. Thanks Inna! Xoxo


Inna is a true artist and professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you are thinking about making an appointment, don't hesitate--you will not regret it. She does absolutely beautiful work, and is worth every penny and more! I'll hopefully be going to her for many years to come! Thank you again! 


Sis!! Your search ends here!! Inna is the best!! I save so much time everyday now that I got them done. Inna is so professional but most importantly, super clean. Her studio is so cute! She’s passionate about what she does, takes her time, and talks you through every step of the way so you’re a part of the final result decision making! Trust, this is the place to go. My brows are so perfect, I didn’t even need the touch up. Highly recommend this place to anyone looking to get this done. Best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.


Microblading with Inna was a really wonderful experience. The space is impeccable, and Inna is so great to work with. She was communicative throughout the process, and continually checked in to ensure I liked the color, shape, etc. She was also very thorough when she explained the technique. She is a true artist. My brows look AMAZING. The after care info was very easy to follow. I have extremely high standards for services such as this, and she more than exceeded my expectations!!


Hands down, no question,Ibrows by Inna is where you want to go to have Microblading done! Period! This is the studio to trust to transform one of your most precious commodities....your eyebrows!
I love my brows sooooo much and so do the many referrals and that I have sent her way!
Do yourself a favor... go to ibrows by Inna!


It was a dream come true !! Amazing job an very friendly an helpful. I felt comfortable an relaxed the whole time. It barley hurt, an no caffeine before it really helped me stay still. I love my eye brows an it's a hudge relief to not have to pencil them in! Thank you for doing a fantastic job on my eye brows!!!


I can’t say enough good things about Inna and ibrows studio. She is very professional and takes more time to talk with you about the process than the actual process itself. She understands the nervousness behind this process and goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and reassured. I would definitely recommend her to anyone thinking about doing this process!!!


Inna is amazing!!! Her skill and knowledge is impeccable. I’m so happy with my beautiful new brows. Thank you, Inna you are truly an artist


Inna’s Studio is beautiful, clean, professional looking and even smells good! Inna herself is fabulous! Courteous, kind, explains everything with clarity and knowledge. She is absolutely the BEST! Well worth the money, and time spent! I live an hour away. Highly recommend to anybody wanting to get their brows done!


Inna is so professional and knowledgeable. She makes you feel comfortable during the procedure & is there every step of the way during the healing process. If you want a perfectionist touching your eyebrows, she will give you perfectly symmetrical twin eyebrows. 10/10 would recommend!


Inna is amazing! I was very particular with how I wanted my brows, and she exceeded my expectations! They look so realistic. She is very sweet and took the time to get to know me. I really appreciated her precision and how meticulous she was with making sure they looked natural but also symmetrical. Her studio is gorgeous and very welcoming, and her service was exactly what I wanted. Highly recommend!


Inna is truely amazing at eyebrows. The attention to detail is impeccable. I found her Instagram page after I had seen someone post about microblading. I knew I had to have it done by her after seeing the amazing results. The procedure is in depth and no work is done until you are happy with your color choice and brow shape. I do not miss filling in my brows every morning,and no one knows they are "fake" as they look very natural, I only receive compliments, and was told by one person that mine were the best she'd seen since she started researching artists. I wouldn't recommend anyone else besides Inna if you are looking to get microblading!


Inna is a true artist! Years of over plucking and waxing left my once full brows patchy and sad. After TONS of research and stalking of her Facebook page I booked with her and couldn’t love the results more! It feels so good to not have to fill in my brows anymore! They look so natural you would never know they were microbladed and not real brow hairs. Thank you, Inna!!!


I had done so much research before getting microblading done. I was extremely nervous because it’s my face and people are going to be looking at it. I met with Inna, she is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel at ease! I’ve had problems with over-plucking when I was younger and my brows never really grew back the same. She added in where it was patchy and perfected the shape. I couldn’t be happier with the results!! No more eyebrow pencils or overdrawn brows. The shade we chose for my brows matches perfectly and is so natural! I highly recommend her!!


Inna made me feel comfortable the second I stepped in. It was my first time to do microblading, and had mixed emotions- mostly excited. I love how my brows turned out! Perfect is an understatement. Staff professionalism and hospitality were major pluses during my visit. Looks like someone is going to be a regular...


Everyday I wake up and smile at my eyebrows...not joking. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to have my eyebrows microbladed by Inna--it has been a game changer. She is the REAL DEAL. Do not waste your time anywhere else.


If you want to get your eyebrows done but nervous because you are afraid the artist will mess them up LOOK NO FURTHER!!! ibrows Studio is the answer. Inna is such a talented young lady. She will make your eyebrows look beautiful! She literally is the BEST microblader I know!


Having blonde and almost no brow hair for so many years, I’ve spent penciling them in and making them perfect shape and spending big chunk of my morning routine I decided not to waste my time anymore and get eye brows microblading by my best friend who I met in dental hygiene school. She is an amazing artist. I had pain free experience. She has a light touch and the most important fact I noticed was meticulous infection control, sterile room and neatness. I liked her relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in the office. Definitely no doubts she is the best in New England!


Inna has such talent! She does a great job, you get lasting results and her studio is sweet!


Inna is a miracle worker! My eyebrows have been horrible ever since I over plucked them in high school. I NEVER thought I would feel confident again and I had given up on filling them in everyday, I just didn't have the time! They never looked natural when i would fill them in anyways. Now I have GORGEOUS new natural looking brows and a new boost of much needed confidence! Her shop is beautiful, calming and clean and I barely felt anything during the entire process. They matched my color SO perfectly that people have thought it's my real hair! I cannot thank Inna and her staff enough for making me feel beautiful again♡


One happy Chick right here! What a new found confidence! When you cant stop looking in the mirror at your Ibrows! Not to mention the girls make you feel so comfortable and beautiful! Inna is the go to girl!


I had my eyebrows microbladed today and I couldn’t be happier with the result. First off, the shop is beautiful. It’s so clean and chic, the atmosphere is incredibly welcoming! There was relaxing music playing which was nice because I was a little nervous. Inna and her apprentice Diane were very attentive and listened to exactly what I wanted when shaping the brows and picking my color. They were very friendly and accommodating. My end result is exactly what I was hoping for and I wish I could give them higher than 5 stars!!


Inna is a true artist. I cannot be any happier than I am with my results. I am in awe of her talent. She is sweet, professional and precise. I would recommend Inna every time! 


I can easily say this has been such an amazing experience. I was so nervous walking into the studio, not knowing how the outcome was going to look... and at the end I was seriously blown away!! Inna is so precise with everything. From the symmetry, shape and color. 
And pain? I can't even exaggerate this, I didn't feel one bit. Inna is so sweet I feel like I've known her forever. I love love LOVE the way mine look, and I'm so excited to go back for the touch up! I don't regret having this done, and can't thank them enough. Highly recommend iBrows Studio if you want the best results! 


I am beyond impressed with the experience I had at ibrows studio! The results of my brows are incredible and it takes extreme talent to achieve the work Inna does! I absolutely love them and would do it all over again! Anyone looking to get their eyebrows microbladed should not go anywhere but Ibrows studio, they are amazing- and so nice!


I am absolutely BLOWN away- like WOAH. I went into this completely nervous, not knowing what to expect, and came out confident and excited. Professionalism, perfectionism, ALL THE ISMS! Incredible work- thank you thank you thank you!!! Highly recommended!!!


Four weeks after my touch up and my eyebrows look fantastic!!! Inna is so sweet, professional and a perfectionist! I completely overplucked in the 80's and it aged me terribly....Inna took 10 years off me easily. I get daily compliments on my eyebrows, even from strangers. So worth the hour and a half drive from Massachusetts. Going to Inna and trusting her was the best decision. Thanks Inna!!!!


Inna did an amazing job!!! Really made me feel comfortable and confident, thank you Inna!!


Inna truly is the best with eyebrows and I am beyond happy that I found this girl! I love that I don't even have to touch my brows in the morning. You can tell she is so passionate with what she does which makes her even better at it. On top of being so precise her personality totally lights up the room. There is so much to love about this girl! I'm confident that any client that walks through her door will leave happy and satisfied with their results!


I did months of research in Maine for microblading and after carefully looking at several other microbladers, Inna from iBrow Studios stood out far above the rest. Her before and after photos speak for themselves. Yes, she really is that good, just look at her photos! She was a tiny bit more expensive than a few others, but I wanted the best and most educated carving on my face... and her talent, expertise, and education are well worth this investment and far out way a few dollars.... she is the best! Inna was such a professional and inspected her equipment constantly to make sure the blades were perfect. Also, I literally felt nothing, no pain! I have already referred so many others to her. Absolutely in love!!!


She's done it again! Made another one of us girls a happy camper! A few of my friends have gone to Inna so far and I thought "it can't be that great, what is the hype?!" but after months of hesitation I buckled and tried it. I really can't express how amazing it feels to not have to worry about my eye brows. I never realized how much of a difference it really can make. I highly recommend Inna- She is fun, professional and works so effortlessly. True Talent at ibrows Studio!!


5 stars all around! I just had my brows done and yes I was nervous at first to have them done but Inna and her staff made me feel extremely comfortable the moment I stepped inside their office. The procedure was pain free for me. Easy breezy! I'm so happy with my new brows!!! I would recommend microblading to anyone who's tired of applying brow powder and/or a pencil every day. It's so nice to wake up with beautiful sculpted brows.


Absolutely in love with how my eye brows came out! I was so worried before my appointment that it was going to be painful. But it didn't hurt at all! I could hardly feel anything! It was such a comfortable experience that I actually almost fell asleep at one point ( single mom who works a lot lol). I would highly recommend Ibrows!!! Inna is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. She made me feel so comfortable and like we had known each other for years. She gets joy out of making women feel beautiful. And that's just what she did for me! Best part is that she takes her time to make sure you are 100% in love with your out come.


Love love love my eyebrows by Inna ! They look so natural I'm in love . Very easy and pain free :) thanks Inna !!


There is no one else I will ever go to for my brows. From the moment you walk in until you leave the girls make you feel like a superstar. This is an incredibly clean and relaxing environment. The procedure itself was quick and painless, with Inna making sure I was comfortable and happy the whole way. Afterwards there's a little yellow tint around the brow, but within half hour of leaving they looked good enough for me to feel confident about going anywhere. HIGHLY recommend!! The reviews don't lie, the girls an artist!


Inna is so kind, warm and professional. She couldn't have made the process more comfortable for me. Not only that, but her work is so beautiful and natural. I highly recommend her to anyone!!


I got my brows done today. I was so nervous this would hurt. No pain at all. I also thought the color she picked was a little too dark but it seriously is perfect. I will recommend this to every person I know! Her office/ salon is so beautiful and clean. She is so professional. Even if you need them darkened a little it is totally worth it. No more pencil for this girl.


Inna was so understanding, respectful, helpful & patient! Not to mention she did an amazing job on my brows, I finally have some! I am looking forward to going back to get my touch up! :-) I would highly recommend her to anyone!


Inna did an absolutely phenomenal job on my brows! I didn't know my eyebrows could look this good, and I have a whole new feeling of confidence now!! I am very picky about my brows and wanted to get them microbladed so that I wouldn't have to pencil them in everyday. I already have pretty full brows, but I'm blonde so they are pretty light and also a little patchy in some areas. I did a lot of research about everyone around because I didn't want just anyone doing my brows since they are so important. I found Inna's page and I am SO HAPPY I did! She has so much wonderful experience and training with the pros, and her work really reflects that. In addition, she is extremely professional and makes sure you understand all the steps involved before doing anything. I was a little nervous about putting a darker color on my face but it turned out to be absolutely perfect. Inna has great instincts and whatever she chooses will look amazing. 
The whole process didn't hurt at all! I was so confused when she started because I thought she was still just drawing on my eyebrows. The most painful part was the little bit of plucking that she had to do for some stray hairs. Inna, thank you SO MUCH! I will be returning in the future, no matter how far I might have to drive!


First time having microblading done and it was the best experience! Inna is amazing at what she does. She is very personable and kind. She made the process easy to understand and did a wonderful job on my brows! Everyone should go see her! The price you pay is for excellence!


Inna was incredibly kind, friendly, and professional. Her work is outstanding! I have never felt as confident as I do now that Inna has sculpted my eyebrows. The procedure was timely with minimal discomfort. Her dedication to perfection and attention to detail is top-notch. She is a true artist and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Inna!

Incredible! Inna's attention to detail and professionalism is unsurpassed. I am so picky and Inna was patient and kind through the process, she made me feel comfortable and I'm so glad I trusted her. She is a true artist and has earned my business forever.



Inna is a wonderful, talented and welcoming person. I was so nervous to have this done, especially since its on my face but she did a great job with my eyebrows. I wouldn't be able to trust anyone else with them now. I look forward to getting this done again!! So happy to ditch the brow pencil! Thank you Inna!


Inna is an absolute eyebrow queen! I couldn't be more happy with my experience with her and the work she does. She is so careful and precise during the entire process and uses her artistic background to make sure that each client's brow design is individual and perfect for them. She continually checked in with me to make sure that I was happy with the shape before beginning the process and made sure to explain each step of the process which put me completely at ease. Although the microblading process was slightly painful for me, Inna had me laughing and talking the whole time which made me feel a lot better about it. She loves what she does and it's so clear because the time she takes with her work truly pays off. I no longer have to spend 10+ minutes in the morning filling in and refilling in my brows because I was never happy with them. The process is 100% worth it and I am so, so happy that I found Inna. There isn't anyone else I would trust with my eyebrows now.


Inna is the only one I would trust with my microblading. She is so professional. Her former dental education makes me certain of my safety and she is a true artist. I'm so thankful for her work. A bit painful at first but only during the outline phase (not even five minutes) and then numbing cream makes the rest very comfortable. The aftercare was a breeze. As long as you follow instructions then the healing is very quick and unnoticeable. I had no scabbing and very minimal peeling (barely noticeable flakes). Inna gives you a little cream for aftercare and you just use a tiny bit on each brow. A little ibuprofen after day one takes any pain away in seconds. I only needed it once. Definitely a non-invasive procedure. I will always go to Inna for any touch ups. The entire experience was amazing!!


Inna was fantastic and very meticulous with her work which is so important. I will definitely be back in a heart beat!!! Ive never had my brows look so natural! The procedure is wonderful!!!!! If you are thinking about it, stop right there and just do it! Awesome, awesome, aweesssooommmeeeee!!!!


I can not thank Inna enough for my perfect new brows! I have had them micro bladed before and hated the way they came out, so i was very hesitant to have them done again. I am getting married in September and needed to do something, when I found Inna I knew right away she was the one I wanted to have them done by. She made me feel so comfortable from the second I walked in and all throughout the process! She's very passionate about her work and is a true artist! I would totally recommend anyone to her! Thanks again Inna!! 

-Ashley Nichole

Going to iBrows by Inna was the best decision I ever made. The difference between before and after microblading my 70 year old brows was unbelievable, how it opened up my eyes and face. So professional, clean, artistic, no pain at all, and a delicious glass of ice water w lemon. She makes you feel so comfortable. Highly recommend iBrows by Inna, give yourself this fantastic, well done brows by the BEST, INNA, ARTISTIC GENIUS. YOU WON'T REGRET IT PROMISE!


Way beyond what I expected. Very satisfied!! 10 ++


Inna made me feel like a million bucks!!! I've had minimal eyebrows following chemo several years ago. Everyday I worried if I had just wiped off half my eyebrows but not anymore!! I wake up with beautiful eyebrows. Inna is professional, welcoming, and a true star in her field. The best money I've ever spent. I couldn't be happier with the results! Thank you, Inna, for giving me self confidence!!


She'll take you from ratchet to radical, from frowning to feeling fabulous and most importantly have your eyebrows from ferocious to fierce, flawless, and on fleek. 
Yes. She is just that awesome.


Inna is an amazing and talented woman and I'm so glad I found her. Go get your brows done by her. My brows look amazing and came out perfectly! She's the only artist who will EVER do my brows/ touch ups!


Very impressed with the results! I was amazed at how natural the color and shape look. They look great and I have received so many compliments already.


Please look no further than Inna! After several months of research a trusted friend (and client) referred me to Inna. I was the type of client that would leave her eyebrow pencil on the nightstand. No one saw me without my brows penciled in and I desired thicker brows without the constant effort (and embarrassment of what I was so severely lacking). Inna has created a very welcoming, professional and relaxed environment for her clients. The photos of her work are a clear display of her talent and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with her. Although I found my brows to be beautiful after my first appointment they were even better after my touch-up appointment and healed within days. I would recommend Inna to my closest friends and family. Inna, you're amazing and I cannot thank you enough!


I had a wonderful experience with Inna! I was a bit nervous to begin, and she was extremely professional and easy to talk to about the process, and in general. She is a master microblader! She is extremely detail oriented, literally made my brows look perfect! And made sure I was 100% satisfied before leaving each appointment. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking to be totally brow confidant!


Inna has an incredible eye for detail. My whole experience with her was wonderful!


I found Inna's page on Facebook and was instantly intrigued and fascinated by her work. Her updated pictures kept popping up, making me want to get it done for myself. I ruined my eyebrows by over tweezing as a teenager and have been so frustrated with trying to fill them in and make them look somewhat even. It's such a breeze to get ready now and not have to worry about my eyebrows. Thank you, Inna! You do amazing work!


Inna was very particular and detail oriented. I was petrified to have anyone do microblading on my brows because I'm so picky, but after seeing all the pictures of her work I was convinced to have them done. She did them exactly the way I wanted and they look amazing! I'm excited not to have to fill them in every day!


Inna is just awesome. If you are looking to get your eyebrows enhanced, you have found the artist. I was looking to enhance my brows..they are on the thinner, spottier side and lacking symmetry..after my two sessions with Inna, this isn't the case anymore :)..Inna is an artist who listens to what you want and she is passionate about her work. If you are looking for natural, fuller brows, this is your artist. Thank you again Inna, I love them 


I have been drawing on my eyebrows for over 20yrs due to over tweezing and my brows not growing back, until Inna hand crafted the most natural and amazingly perfect brow. I now have confidence again to go makeup free and never have to worry about my brows smudging off !! As a stylist in the industry, I completely trust Inna and her amazing talent !!


My experience with Inna was absolutely perfect! She is very welcoming and professional. She pays attention to detail and makes sure you are aware of all the important information that's needed to know before and after. The atmosphere she provided was very clean, calm and relaxing. I have contemplated for months on proceeding with this procedure. I am very happy with the results I received today! Also I am glad I decided to reach out to Inna as she transformed my very skinny eyebrows into full shaped masterpieces that I will not be filling in on my own 


Had been contemplating on having my brows done for about 3 years. When I recently heard my niece raving about Inna's talent and perfectionism, I didn't waste any time and was lucky enough to get right in. She is everything I was told and more, couldn't be happier!


I don't have a Facebook (this account is my husband's) but I felt Inna deserved a review for the superb work she did on my brows. Inna is a true artist! She meticulously reshaped my brows, giving me the look I always wanted but didn't think I could ever achieve. The best part is that they look completely natural. I almost went out of state for microblading but I'm so happy I didn't. Inna is the best of the best. You won't find talent like hers elsewhere. Thank you so much Inna!


Like many, I too had thought of having my brows done for a couple of years. When my best friend called me and told me about Inna, I was in! My friends brows are amazing and now mine are too!!! Sooooo many compliments on how natural they look! Can't wait for my complimentary follow up next week! Ps.- my sister loves her new brows too! Word is spreading!!! Thank you Inna!!!!


Shout out to the fabulous beauty, iBrows by Inna for her lovely hand and eye! She has finally given me the pleasure of being able to say confidently, "I woke up like this!" 
If you know me, you know I am an eyebrow addict! I've plucked & shaped my own brows for years taking great pride for always being on #Fleek! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to grow hair in certain areas of the brow for a long time. A friend of mine pushed me into looking at #Microblading. I was extremely excited however, I wasn't going to let just anyone touch my brows! It was a very calculated decision when selecting Inna. 
Inna is a pure delight! Her technique, artistry, and customer service was nothing short of amazing! She was meticulous in her attention to detail, making sure she evaluated my face and brows at every angle possible to make my brows look fantastic. 
Her work speaks for itself: if you're looking at #Microblading in Maine, without a doubt Inna is your #BrowExpert #Browmation #IWokeUpLikeThis #Browgasm #Browgame #BrowQueen #BrowsOnFleek #MaineMicroblading


Wow, where to begin. First off, I didn't know very much about eyebrows. I'm a pretty low maintenance person. I just knew that some people had badass eyebrows while mine were.... meh. I had been growing them out to hopefully shape them and I saw Inna's work and decided why not? What am I waiting for? Every woman needs to step up her game every once in awhile. I was so nervous the ride there thinking "What did I just sign myself up for?" But once I got there she made me feel so welcome and so comfortable that I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be. She asked for my input but I told her to just do her thing and I trusted her fully. And wow, they came out completely BADASS. Everyone noticed them and I got compliments left and right. Talk about a boost of confidence! Now, I get to say "I woke up like this" and really mean it! All because my eyebrows are on point every morning. Flawless. I highly suggest going to Inna if you're even remotely thinking about it, just do it. Her work is amazing and she really knows what she's doing. Trust me, you won't regret it! :)


I was extremely impressed with the service and results after getting my brows microbladed by iBrows by Inna! The professionalism and dedication by inna beyond exceeded my expectations. She was always checking up on me and always answered my questions in a timely manner. Considering I've never gotten any sort of tattoo in my life, I was very nervous to get this done. Inna Yurkevich provided a relaxing, very comfortable and clean atmosphere. After doing a significant amount research, it was clear that Inna's skills and background education in this field provided me with the confidence in putting all my trust in her to do this procedure. Never in my life have I been so confident in my brows. I would highly suggest IBrows by Inna to anyone looking to get their eyebrows microbladed. It is obvious that she is a perfectionist and that is definitely one of the best traits to have when someone is essentially tattooing your brows. No doubt in my mind I will be going back and following Inna for my next touch up's!!


Thank you Inna for making me feel pretty! No more pencils or powders for me :) It is amazing to look in the mirror and see myself with eyebrows!! You have a great personality and artistic ability for this service and I appreciate your counsel and coaching to receive my fantastic new brows


Loving my new ibrows by Inna! She did an amazing job. Never thought I could have perfect brows and not have to pencil them in again. I can't thank Inna enough! Not only is her work perfection but any questions I've had since she's right there to answer! I highly recommend if you need a lot of work on your brows or very little. It's worth it in every way!


Just because someone has done the training for microblading, doesn't mean they have the skill and artistic ability to do your perfect brow. In Inna's case, she has it all and then some! She has perfected her craft and creates the most perfect brows. So much so, that you will be staring at yourself for weeks in awe of how natural they look. An added bonus is that Inna has a degree as a dental hygienist so she understands and appreciates the importance of a hygienic environment. In closing, I can't recommend anyone better and am happy to report many of my friends are also happy clients!! Thank you Inna for my Perfect Brows!!


Had my eyebrows done about 3 weeks ago and they turned out amazing! Inna was and is very personable and welcoming and her attention to detail is impeccable. My eyebrows turned out better than I could have expected and they're healing very nicely. She is definitely going to be the go to for microblading in Maine! Nothing less than 5 stars!


Inna was amazing! She made me feel comfortable right away and understood how important this was to me. After years of struggling with my brows I was so ready to do this. The results were dramatic!! Inna really made a huge difference with her work and it looks awesome! Thanks you!


Talented and professional- I highly recommend Inna! I wish I did this sooner!


Inna is such a fantastic mix of friendly and professional. I've been researching microblading for years and never felt truly confident in the before and after work that I saw. I was instantly impressed with her skills. I'm so pleased with my results. I'm a licensed esthetician and have already sent a handful of clients her way just this week. And we're all so excited with how our brows turned out! Yay! I can't recommend highly enough.


I'm so happy I did my research and found Inna. Her work is exactly what I was searching for. The icing on the cake is how friendly and professional she is. I seriously couldn't have asked for an easier session!


Inna is such a professional. She took her time mapping out my brows beforehand to make sure they were absolutely perfect. And they are!!!


AMAZING! I love my new brows! Miss USA ready!

-Brooke Miss Maine USA


I am very satisfied with the beautiful work Inna did for me. I struggled with my brows not growing and she gave me fuller natural looking brows that I don't have to draw on anymore!!!!


As an artist myself, with an appreciation for symmentry and a natural look, I am so impressed with Inna's work on my eyebrows. I have been interested in microblading for a while now, but was too worried to actually have it done until I spoke with Inna. You can't trust just anyone with your brows! Inna's artistic talent and attention to detail make her perfect for this though. Not only was she willing to work with me for a convenient time to come see her, but she also offered a professional, yet comforting environment. I was really happy that she took her time drawing (and redrawing) the guidelines to make my eyebrows as realistic for my face as possible. Overall, my experience with Inna was excellent, and I look forward to seeing her for my touchup appointment! :)


I don't even know where to start...I guess with thank you Inna Yurkevich for doing such a great job and making me feel so comfortable. For those of you who don't know, I have had this procedure done a couple of years ago by another person and I was so unhappy with the outcome, but I had to live with it :-(This time around, without even meeting Inna, I just had a high level of trust and she didn't let me down. Her background in art and her style make her great at what she does. She took her time to draw the eyebrows, listened to what I wanted and gave me her professional opionion... I am so happy. I would recommend Inna without a doubt.


I decided to try microblading to correct the shape of my eyebrows and to fill them in. I love the result. Microblading was a great solution, it looks very natural. Inna was great, she guided me through the procedure. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.


I had my eyebrows microbladed by Inna and I'm very pleased with the result. Inna is very professional and welcoming. I would highly recommend Inna to anyone who wants their brows to look amazing.


I got my eyebrows microbladed yesterday by Inna and I'm in love! I was SO nervous to get something semi-permanent done on my face but I would do it again in a heart beat. Inna was so friendly and made me feel so comfortable. She spent time making sure the shape and color would be perfect for me.. and she made them just that, Perfect! She is such an amazing artist and made the process so enjoyable. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get microblading done!


I am loving my new eyebrows by Inna. I highly recommend Inna to fix your eyebrows. She did an amazing job on mine! I had chemo in 2000. When my eyebrows grew back, I had spaces where the hair would not re-grow. I have wanted my full eyebrows back. The microblading looks like you have real hairs. I trust Inna on her professional character and attention to detail. I walked out of her place with new beautiful, full eyebrows! Eyebrows define your look. They bring out your eyes more.
Thank you Inna for my new look!


Very satisfied with how professional,and approachable Inna was! She's very detail oriented and is amazing at what she does, if you want your eyebrows to be fuller to resemble hair strokes or just darker, Inna will take her time and give you exactly what you are looking for, I searched for two months to find someone I could trust, and Like they say patience is a virtue and I'm glad I waited for her to come to Maine! Very passionate about her work❣ I don't think people in this industry realize how important the strokes are that are being done on their eyebrow to make sure it does in fact resemble hair. Inna however has proved her understanding!


I love my new eyebrows! Thank you so much to amazing artist Inna. After years of coloring in my eyebrows, I no longer have to do that each morning. I couldn't be more happy with how they look.


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