The Microblading Process.



Microblading is a full eyebrow transformation procedure that takes just two hours and lasts up to two years! Can you imagine waking up every morning to perfect, smudge-free, waterproof eyebrows? That's the beauty of microblading!

Why Microblading?

If you're tired of drawing or filling in your eyebrows every morning or on special occasions, it's time to consider microblading, also known as permanent eyebrow tattoos. Microblading is the perfect solution for long-lasting, beautiful, natural-looking brows. The secret is the microblade, or microblading pen, which is a manual tool we use to meticulously hand draw every hair stroke. Say goodbye to expensive powders and pencils, and hello to effortless eyebrows!


So, how does the microblading process go?


Step 1: Consultation.

This is important to do before the procedure to ensure that you are a good candidate for microblading. Our licensed micropigmentation practitioners will look at your skin type and discuss any medical conditions, allergies, and medications that you have in order to make sure they are not contraindicated for this procedure. We'll also interview you about your makeup routine and lifestyle before performing the permanent cosmetic procedure. Do you draw your brows on every day or only for special occasions? Do you like bold, statement brows or soft, subtle brows? Many people have over-plucked their eyebrows in the past and simply want their signature look back.

Step 2: Drawing your best brow.

Once we determine your best brows, we'll draw your new eyebrow outline directly on your face. During this step, you will be asked to smile, laugh, and make different facial expressions. The goal is to create beautiful brows that match the symmetry of your face. Our permanent makeup artists will help you find the perfect color and shape just for your face. This is done using a caliper to measure six points on the brows (per the golden ratio method) in order to achieve symmetry according to your unique facial structures and preference. Once the brow shapes are perfectly even, your eyebrow blading artist will groom your brows and tweeze any hair that is outside of this desired shape. This is to ensure very clean and beautiful looking brows at the end of the microblading procedure.

Step 3: Microblading.

Each hair stroke is meticulously hand drawn to match the color and coarseness of your natural hair. Unlike traditional eyebrow tattoos, which use a machine, our process uses a swiping motion of a manual pen with a set of super fine needles to implant the pigment under the epidermis. This is the first step in the two-step process of microblading eyebrows. During this step, conservative is key! We can always go bigger, bolder, and darker during the touch up.


Step 4: The Big Reveal.

Any excess ink will be wiped away and your new eyebrows will be revealed after the microblading process is complete. This is the beginning of a beautiful, long-lasting relationship between you and your newly enhanced eyebrows. No more stressful morning maintenance trying to achieve symmetry. No more eyebrows on your pillow or your significant other. Just perfect brows every day, rain or shine, for up to two years! 

Note: A complimentary microblading touch-up is recommended after 30 days and is included in the original price. The healing period is at least 30 days — please see our post-care instructions and follow every step to ensure properly healed brows.


Step 5: Enjoy Your New eyeBrows.

Here's to waking up with flawless brows! Microblading brows changes lives. Check out our Instagram and read our 5-star reviews on Facebook.

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