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Myths About Microblading Debunked

Eyebrows are one of the most significant parts of the face. They help us express our emotions, draw attention to the eyes, and are honestly just beautiful features that are unique for each of us. This is one of the many reasons that we absolutely love being able to offer microblading services to the Saco area. Over the years, we’ve seen microblading pick up in popularity and while it’s definitely becoming one of the more popular procedures in the beauty industry, there are still plenty of myths surrounding microblading, and we are here to debunk them!

iBrows Studio has been fortunate enough to provide countless individuals with the gorgeous, full eyebrows that they need to feel their best. With that being said, let’s start talking about a few of the most common myths here.

Your Eyebrows Won’t Look Natural

A huge concern that people have with their eyebrows is that they won’t look natural. It’s not an irrational concern to have, given that so many of us get out of control with eyebrows when we’re simply playing around with makeup. Even though we will be filling your eyebrows, the microblading technique creates incredibly natural strokes, which looks exactly like your natural hairs. With that being said, your eyebrows will be a little bit swollen when you first get them done, but this will go down in the next 24 hours and will continue to look more and more natural with time.

Microblading Hurts

Microblading is most commonly compared to tattooing, which is probably why so many people believe that microblading is painful. Even though the microblading technique does use pigment in a similar way to tattooing, it is definitely not a painful process that you’re going to have to endure. While we would love to say that microblading is completely painless, it definitely can hurt here and there. With that being said, many people say that waxing their eyebrows is so much more painful than the microblading process. Aside from this tinge of pain that you’ll experience during the process, you may notice a slight sensitivity afterwards, but if you take some over the counter anti-inflammatory medication (like Advil or Motrin), you’ll be fine.

Microblading is Permanent

Having full eyebrows is something that so many of us want, and while it would be fantastic to have full, luscious eyebrows all the time, microblading isn’t a procedure that’s going to provide you with that. With that being said, another myth that we often hear is that microblading is a process that can help you obtain full eyebrows permanently. Even though the microblading procedure does provide long-lasting results, it is most certainly not a procedure that is considered permanent. In most cases, microblading will leave you with natural looking eyebrows for months at a time, but you will need touch-ups every once in awhile. Depending on the natural fullness of your brows, the time frame in which you need to schedule a touch up will differ, but we’ll get a better idea in the first couple of months of what time frame is fitting after the procedure.

Tons of Maintenance

Now that we’ve covered the fact that microblading is not permanent, let’s talk about the myth that says microblading requires a lot of maintenance. Any procedure that requires a ton of maintenance is already going to deter people from committing to it, which is exactly why we want to discuss the maintenance that you should expect. To start, there will be some maintenance that needs to happen immediately after the procedure. There will be some swelling and scabbing, and you’re going to need to clean, dry, and actively think about what products you’re using on and around your eyebrows.

As a whole, the healing process could take up to two weeks, but it will vary for each person. With that in mind, the amount of time that you spend tending to your eyebrows after the process is minuscule in comparison to the time where you have to do absolutely nothing for your eyebrows to look incredible.

After your eyebrows have healed from the procedure, you will have very little maintenance to do. In most cases, it isn’t until the six-month mark that eyebrows need to be touched up. So, all in all, microblading requires very little maintenance.

Schedule Your Microblading Consultation

In order to provide you with the very best look, the team at iBrows Studio starts with a consultation to determine just how full you’d like your brows, as well as what the perfect shade for your skin tone and eyebrows would be. Whether you’re interested in learning more about the microblading process or you’re ready to schedule your consultation, reach out to our team. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have and get you taken care of.

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