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Eyebrow Fads Over the Years - Part 1

If you’re currently looking to fill your eyebrows in, it’s likely because of that thin eyebrow trend that happened in the 90s. Fashion changes over the years — we know this! What was once extremely popular is now the last thing that anyone would dream of wearing out in public. While it isn’t quite the same as a handbag or jeans, eyebrows have changed significantly over the years. Here at iBrows Studio, we are helping individuals achieve the eyebrows that make them feel their most beautiful!

In today’s blog post, we are going to go over some of the different eyebrow fads that we’ve seen over the years. This is going to be a two-part blog series, so let’s dive in.

Thin Arches — The 1920s

When silent films were all the rage and short bobs framed women’s faces, thin arches for eyebrows were exactly what you’d want. These eyebrows helped to create a dramatic look that aided actresses with their roles. In most cases, women would draw their eyebrows on to achieve the perfect look.

Thicker Arches, but Still Pretty Thin — The 1930s

Eyebrows in this decade were still sculpted after the eyebrows of movie stars, and while they were relatively thin still, we did begin to notice a fleshier look. The arched look stuck around as it helped draw attention to the eyes. This was still a look that many actresses maintained, helping them achieve that dramatic look.

Natural Eyebrows — The 1940s

This was the first decade where natural eyebrows were all the rage, but certainly not the last. Having full eyebrows was still inspired by movie stars and celebrities, but it encouraged all women to feel confident in their natural beauty. This decade truly felt that women should really just touch up their natural beauty in a way that was less noticeable. So, most women would grow out their natural eyebrows and give them the tiny bit of fill they needed with a pencil. Trust us, this won’t be the last time that you see women doing this in our blog series.

Defined Brows — The 1950s

As silly as it may seem, the 1950s were all about being able to add some definition and volume to the eyebrows. Most would do this by grabbing a brush and brushing their eyebrows up and back. This would help give the appearance that they were fuller and more voluminous. One of the most well-known individuals to do so was Marilyn Monroe!

Short and Thin Brows — The 1960s

In the next decade, other parts of the eye were the primary focus women. Given that lashes were where all of the drama and high fashion was, eyebrows became much shorter and went back to their thin appearance. Twiggy, with her grand eyelashes, is a fantastic example of the eyebrows that were popular at this time.

High Arches Waxed — The 1970s

In the 70s, the eyebrow fad went back to the thin, high arches that we saw in the 50s. This is another decade where vibrant makeup and glamorous looks were popular, which is likely why the thin eyebrows were so popular. If you remember, the thin arches helped to create dramatic looks, which is exactly what these women needed. Most women, at this time, started to wax their eyebrows to not only create the ideal shape, but also to remove hair for longer periods of time.

Thicker, Natural Brows — The 1980s

Hair was big in the 80s, and so were eyebrows. During this era, we see so many more natural eyebrows on women, but much thicker than in decades prior. The thick eyebrows were popular for many actresses and beauty icons. It was a huge switch from the eyebrows in the 70s, so for women who were still letting their brows grow in, a pencil helped provide this fuller look.

Stay Tuned for More Eyebrow Fads

We’ve started talking about the various eyebrow fads that we’ve seen over the years, but we are far from done. We still need to go over some of the more recent fads that we have seen come and go. That is why, you are definitely going to want to stay tuned for part-two of our blog series, where we will go over the 1990s and a few of the different trends that have happened in the last 20 years.

If you’re interested in learning more about the microblading services that we offer here at iBrows Studio in Saco, reach out to our team. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have or schedule a consultation where we determine if you’re a good candidate for this procedure. You can also check out our blog where we cover various topics to help make this procedure easier to understand and prepare for.

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