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Common Eyebrow Makeup Mishaps

When it comes to makeup, you want it to look flawless. Whether it’s an eyeliner look that you’ve been practicing forever or a new eyeshadow that you want to try out, the last thing that you want is to look a fool while you’re out. For some of us, this winds up being the case more often than not.

In today’s blog post, the team at iBrows Studio is going to go over a few of the different mishaps that we commonly see with eyebrows. Whether it’s filling them, shaping them, or maintaining them, there are so many different approaches to caring for your eyebrows and making them look great that, ultimately, can make them look so much worse. We hope that today’s blog post will help to minimize the chances of these mishaps happening to you! Let’s get started.

Identical Eyebrows

One of the most common mistakes made when doing eyebrow makeup is trying to make them look exactly alike. This is a huge makeup misconception and one of the primary reasons that we all waste so much time in front of the mirror when getting ready. Rather than focusing on getting your eyebrows to look identical, try and get them to look like siblings. The sooner that you realize your eyebrows don’t need to be identical, the better. Rather than shifting your schedule based on your eyebrows, find confidence in the fact that each brow should look different.

Misshaping the Brows

While we’re on the topic of identical eyebrows and the fact that they don’t need to be, let’s talk just a little bit about another common mistake: misshaping. When you’re using makeup to fill in your brows, it’s extremely easy to create a shape that looks far from natural. Whether you’re going too wide for your face, too short to look natural, or you’re placing the arch in a strange place, misshaping can cause your eyebrows to look completely wrong. It will take some time to perfect the shape of your eyebrows, but step back and look at them while doing your makeup so that you can get a good feel on whether or not your brows are a natural shape or not.

Using Stencils

When people recognize that their eyebrows aren’t a natural shape, they immediately turn to the various stencils that makeup companies have created. While this seems like a fool proof method of creating the perfect eyebrow, the reality is that it’s pretty unlikely that the stencil fits every face perfectly. With that being said, too many people turn to these stencils and wind up with an eyebrow that still looks unnatural on the face.

Over Plucking

A mistake that most of us are guilty of making is over plucking our brows until they are a fine, fine line. While that was once a popular look, that’s definitely not something that you want to be doing now. If you are going to be plucking your own eyebrows, do your best to stick to the stray hairs that aren’t going to affect the shape of your eyebrows. If you’re someone that’s a bit nervous doing your own eyebrows, opt for a professional tackling the shaping. You’ll be glad that you spent the money when you aren’t dealing with an eyebrow faux pas.

Going Too Dark

When it comes to filling eyebrows with makeup, most people will go for a darker color because it’s better to go darker than too light — at least, that’s what most people would think. The reality is that too many people go too dark with their natural complexion and hair. While it may not seem like a big deal, having too dark of a filler will usually lead to making the eyebrows look much harsher, which can affect the overall softness of your face.

Not Blending the Filler

Makeup is a fantastic way to make your eyebrows look full and beautiful, but the last thing that you want is for them to look far from natural. Unfortunately, blending is one of the many eyebrow makeup mistakes that we see. With that being said, you always want to make sure that you are fully blending in your filler when doing your eyebrows and cleaning up any excess makeup that may have gotten on your skin. This will leave your brows looking full and natural.

Opt for Microblading Instead

If you’re tired of the various struggles that you come across with your eyebrow makeup, it might be time to consider investing in the microblading procedure. This particular beauty procedure is known for providing longer term results that look natural and gorgeous. Here at iBrows Studio in Suco, our eyebrow technicians can help you achieve the beautiful look that you want. Reach out today to get more information on the procedure, have your questions answered, or to schedule your consultation. We are always more than happy to help.

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