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Please read these policies before booking any appointments at iBrows Studio to make sure you fully understand. The reason for these policies is that while we are ever so grateful for our wonderful clients, timely and efficient service is necessary for us to provide outstanding customer service. If you fail to comply with these policies, we are unable to service everyone in a fair and efficient way. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and these policies exist to give all clients the absolute best experience possible.  We are thankful for your business and welcome any inquiries about these policies.

    A non-refundable booking deposit is required in order to book and confirm every appointment. This deposit will be deducted from the total cost of your session. A $300 deposit is required to book and confirm all new client appointments. A 50% deposit is required to book and confirm all ongoing touch up appointments (existing clients only). All deposits are non-refundable.
    All clients are responsible for checking candidacy prior to any appointment. If you arrive to an appointment and cannot receive treatment due to any contraindications listed, your appointment will be cancelled, and your deposit will be forfeited. An additional deposit will be required to rebook another appointment. *IMPORTANT* It is the responsibility of the client to review all of the information provided to ensure you remain a good candidate for the procedure. If upon arrival of your appointment it is discovered that you were using anti-aging, tone correcting, lightening, brightening, tightening, tone correcting, evening, color correcting, or any acne products etc. over the past 4 weeks, you will be turned away and you will have to pay another deposit to reschedule your appointment. We block out time and hold these appointments specifically for you, we respect your time, please respect ours. (This includes all touch up appointments.) Our results depend on your commitment to the whole process, from prep to aftercare to ongoing touch ups. We want the best results possible for representing our brand and we cannot do this without you. Your face is our business card. With permanent makeup, it really does take two to tango!
    If you no call, no show your initial appointment, you will be required to pay in full +$100 fee to be rescheduled. If you no show to your touch up, the full amount of the touch up price will be added to the balance due. Also, an additional 50% deposit will be required to book another appointment.
    For all permanent makeup appointments, to best utilize appointment times for all clients a 72-hour notice is required to reschedule your appointment. We reserve your appointment just for you, we request that you be courteous and respectful and contact us promptly if you are unable to make your appointment. To best utilize appointment times for all clients we need at least 72-hour notice for cancellations to avoid forfeiting your deposit. To reschedule, you will need to contact us. We kindly ask that you please email or call to let us know, (voice mail if necessary) or text (no social media cancellations) at least 72 hours prior to your appointment time to cancel or reschedule. Should you fail to cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 72 hours before your appointment, you will forfeit your booking deposit. Should you wish to reschedule your appointment outside of the timeframe of this policy, you definitely can, however you will have to pay another non-refundable deposit and/or may be required to pay in full prior to booking another date. Should you cancel or reschedule your complimentary 6-8 week touch up appointment within 72 hours, or no call/no show for your appointment, you will be required to pay for your touch-up. Touch-up prices are listed in the pricing menu.
    If you are 15 minutes late to any appointment, your appointment will be cancelled, you will be asked to reschedule, and the same policies as above will apply. This is because all clients receive thorough consultations as well as detailed and precise work. As a result, we will not rush your appointment or the appointments of others. Exceptions will not be made for anyone arriving late due to traffic, weather or any other personal emergency. Therefore, if you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment you will forfeit your deposit and be required to pay for the balance of your appointment before you can re-book. New clients should arrive 15 minutes early prior to their scheduled appointment to allow time to fill out paperwork and get settled in.
    If you choose to cancel your appointment you will automatically forfeit your deposit.
    It's recommended that you schedule your touch-up 6-8 weeks after your initial session. Microblading is a two-step process, the first appointment will allow us to see how well your skin can retain the pigment. At the second appointment we can add more depth to your brows as well as add in spots that may have faded and need to be re-touched. How well your brows heal are very dependent on each person and how well you take care of your brows according to the after-care instructions. Touch-ups are generally always needed to achieve desired results. Additional touch-up appointments will be charged depending on the timeframe from your last appointment.If you have an existing eyebrow tattoo, depending on the fading and color, it may require more work. In this case, the rate for microblading may be higher- please consult with us prior to booking an appointment.
    Your touch up is only complimentary up to 12 weeks. After 12 weeks the regular touch up pricing schedule will apply. If you no-show to your complimentary touch up appointment, it will no longer be complimentary, the regular touch up schedule will apply.
    When your eyebrows start to fade, that generally means it's time for a touch up. Every time you come into the studio for an appointment, it is your responsibility to ensure you stay a good candidate, stopping all anti-aging skin care, lightening, brightening, acne etc. skincare products 4 weeks prior to any appointment. Don't forget, when it comes to permanent makeup, it takes two to tango!
    By approval only. Please email us to discuss your options BEFORE booking. If you have ever had permanent makeup on your brows, eyes or lips before, you must let us know prior to booking so we can make sure it can be covered. This is true no matter how light they look to you, or how long it's been since they were done. Failure to do so may result in disappointment and loss of deposit if you arrive to your appointment without prior approval. A paid consultation is required for approval. If it is determined that the previous permanent makeup can be worked over/covered/corrected the cost of the consultation does not go towards your appointment.
    Due to the nature of our detailed services, we kindly request that you arrive unaccompanied to your appointment. We do not allow family, friends, boyfriends, husbands, children, and/or pets to accompany you in the procedure room. Please plan accordingly.
    Results will vary with each individual client and are extremely dependent on how one heals and follows pre-care and aftercare instructions. Successful results are not guaranteed (especially on those with problematic skin) and additional sessions, at an additional charge, may be required to obtain desired results. Although we use premium products and provide quality service, every client heals differently, and many factors can lead to varied results. We will not start microblading until you agree on the shape and the color. All services provided are non-refundable. ​Healed results will vary with each individual client and using a pencil or powder may still be needed. We have no control over what occurs during the healing process. Absolutely NO guarantee will be made, and additional sessions (charged accordingly) may be required to obtain optimal results. Additional charges will apply.
    Pricing is subject to change at any time.
    No guarantees can be made during corrective work. If for any reason you decide to go elsewhere for your touch up, please note that iBrows Studio will no longer do future appointments on you.

There will be no exceptions to these policies. By booking your appointment with iBrows Studio, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to all of our policies.

CONTACT ibrows studio.

Thanks for contacting us! Just to let you know we’ve got your email. We’ll get back shortly.    ~ Team iBrows Studio.

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