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Unfortunately, you are not a candidate for permanent cosmetics if any of the following apply to you: 


- Under 18 years of age

- Pregnant or nursing (it is recommended to wait at least three months after nursing due to hormonal changes for optimal healed results)

- Previous permanent makeup (brows, lips, eyeliner) By Approval Only

- History of keloids or hypertrophic scarring

- History of Epilepsy, MRSA, or Lupus

- Undergoing chemotherapy/radiation (at least a year out and requires doctor's clearance)

- Non-steroidal aromatase inhibitors, Letrozole etc. (chemotherapy) 

- Type I Diabetic (requires doctor's clearance)

- Using Accutane (must be off for one full year)

- Currently taking Tetralysal / Doxycycline you will need to wait at least 6 months prior to your permanent makeup appointment

- Currently taking Spironolactone (must be off of medication 4 weeks prior & 4 weeks after)

- Organ transplant

- Pacemaker or major heart problems

- Uncontrolled high blood pressure

- Currently taking oral or topical antibiotics (must be off for at least 30 days prior to appointment)

- Currently taking/using topical or oral steroids, prednisone etc. (must be off for at least 60 days prior to appointment)

- Currently treating any fungal or bacterial infections of the skin (must be off treatment for 4 weeks )

- Viral infections or diseases (cold/flu/eye infections)

- Those with transmittable blood conditions like HIV or Hepatitis

- Hemophilia, bleeding disorders

- Problematic Skin (Acne or bumps covering the Forehead or Brow Area)

- Skin irritations or psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.)

- Chemical peels or PRP facial (at least 60 days prior)

- Facial laser treatment, IPL (at least 60 days prior)

- Had Botox in the last two weeks

- Poor general health

- Allergy to epinephrine, dermacaine, benzyl alcohol, lidocaine, or tetracaine

- Active cold sores (for lip blush)

- Hooded eyelids (for eyeliner)

- Currently have lash extensions (for eyeliner)

- Surgery 30 days before and/or after treatment 

- Currently using or have used lash or brow serums in the past 8 weeks; avoid serum on area to be treated for a minimum of 8 weeks

- Using any skin care products that contain any retinol, glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, or alpha hydroxyls 

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